This 3-day workshop aims to prepare the learner with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to conduct aerial filming and editing.   

It enables the learner to gain in-depth understanding on the available camera settings to capture images and footage effectively.  Learner shall undergo both day and night practical shoots, and be able to demonstrate various aerial cinematography techniques at the end of the workshop.  In addition, industry experts (Mr Jarrey Ng, Associate Group Director of PropNex Realty and Mr Melvin Cho, Film Director of Renatus Photography) shall be invited to share their valuable experience on panorama imagery and post-editing processing respectively.

Theory Lessons (14 hours)

Module 1: Introduction to Aerial Imagery and Cinematography

Module 2: CAAS Regulations and by-law

Module 3: Camera Settings and Intelligent Flight Modes

Module 4: Framing and Composition

Module 5: Facilitation to Creativity

Module 6: Aerial Photography/ Videography Techniques

Module 7: Long Exposure Photography

Module 8:  Flight Planning/ Preparation (Project Work)

Module 9: Emergency Procedures

Module 10: Panorama Imagery by Mr Jarrey Ng

Module 11: Post-Processing (Project Work) by Mr Melvin Cho

Practical Sessions (7 hours)

Practical Session 1: Day Shoot (1300hrs to 1700hrs)

Practical Session 2: Night Shoot (1800hrs to 2100hrs)


Bugis Junction Office Tower / Online


Marina Bay Area


Aerial Cinematography Workshop


Per Pax

  • Theory Lessons
  • Practical Sessions
  • Course Materials
  • Certificate of Completion
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